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Best Quality and Low Price WPC ceiling & Wall Panel from SmartRoof a Product of Sunbeam Corporation. We deal in
WPC wall panels for exterior and interior wall cladding, decorative wall panel, WPC door panel and WPC ceiling panel for outdoor and indoor use.


PVC Wall Panels High quality PVC wall paneling systems give businesses of all sizes a reliable and economical choice when building and renovating commercial structures. Sunbeam PVC wall panels in India makes wall paneling systems that are cost effective, durable, lightweight and very low maintenance. Their systems are designed to make it easy to coordinate PVC wall panels. The 12″ panels are available in standard lengths and are fastened using an interlocking slotted system. No adhesive is required. This makes for ease of installation as well as a smooth finished appearance. Detailed, easy to follow installation instructions are provided.

Water Proof
Rust Proof
Fire Resistant

PVC Wall Panels in India | Eco Friendly Product, 100% Recyclable, easy to apply, best low cost, easy to install, Water Proof, Rust Proof, Fire Resistant, Maintenance Free, durable, lightweight, environment friendly PVC Wall Panels, very Clean, Hygienic Solution, Perfect Quality, Extra Strength, long life span, various Colors, patterns, Wood Design, 3D Designs | PVC Wall Panels are used in Homes, Commercial Buildings, Offices, Hotels, Restaurant, Resorts, Airports, Railway Station and Religious places.